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spur female 36, 38, 40 42

supr male 48 with legs

spur male torso 48

spur Pants 36, 38

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spur 34 for Runway


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Japanese scissors

KIIYA - Japan

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spur dress form 10% discount for students


"Due to the current global circumstances, most of the university courses have been relayed to online classes, and this includes our fashion studies. Many contents can be taught successfully on a virtual platform but the lack of access to the facilities’ dress forms, industrial sewing machines and other professional tools to deepen a student’s tactile skills are not as easily overcome.

We at spur would like to support the students as best as we can and offer our dress forms at 10% off while studies take place online. Our dress forms are made to last a lifetime and will benefit studies beyond these difficult times and guide the young professional into their work-life in the fashion industry. We hope that our dress forms will inspire the students in these difficult times to become even more creative, skillful and solution-oriented, so they can come out of this crisis with a rich study experience. “


please contact me: Tamotsu Kondo